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Aqua Culture 6.5-Gallon Semi-Hex Aquarium


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Aqua Culture 6.5-Gallon Semi-Hex Aquarium Kit cultivates a luxurious environment for your fish that doubles as a trendy centerpiece for any room. Simple to set up, you will find everything you need to get started in this kit, includes internal power filter with 45 gallon flow rate that will keep the aquarium crystal clear and free from contaminants while cutting down on maintenance requirements, along with energy-efficient LED lighting featuring seven colors along with transitioning and color combinations you can select depending on time of day or your viewing pleasure; dazzling colors daylight white, amber, aqua, blue, green, purple, and red. Constructed of impact-resistant plastic with crystal-clear clarity so good that people think it's glass. This trendy aquarium will accentuate any room. Bring the Aqua Culture 6.5-Gallon Semi-Hex Aquarium Kit today.

  • Power filter with 45 gallons per hour flow rate keeps tank clean and fish healthy, quickly removing organic pollutants and other impurities
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting with dazzling light colors: blue, red, green, amber, aqua, purple and white
  • Crystal-clear clarity so good most think it's made of glass, not impact-resistant plastic, providing leak-proof confidence
  • Unlike glass tanks glued together with silicone, the break-resistant plastic tank puts to rest any worries or concerns about possible leaks
  • Ideal fish aquarium starter kit for a wide array of fish, easy to set up and maintain
  • Gravel and decorations sold separately
  • Includes AquaSafe Sachet, TetraMin Sachet and Tetra Care brochure
  • Filter uses Tetra Whisper S or Koller Products S replacement filter cartridges
  • Dimensions: 18 L x 10.75 W x 14.50 H Inches

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