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Chicken Adult Cat


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Chicken Meat Adult Cat Food 15Kg Your Cat in blood circulation, feather in the structure, muscle and skin role-playing in the development of the amino acids and proteins. A healthy heart and has the best mineral and vitamin additives agents in terms of eyesight. Easily digestible, mamadaki grain shape and size is designed to protect the health of your cat's teeth. Cat food of kedilerinize conveniently and safely can give a product. Adult kedilerinizin needs daily protein, vitamins and minerals of cat food, rich and useful nutritional content kedilerinizin keyifle tüketebileceği a dry mamadır. Cat owners, kedilerine mama is rich in content and delicious products choose when buying. Cat owners cat food note when buying their nutrient content. Conveniently and safely kedilerine verebilecekleri of cat lovers in this product, useful for pets with supplements Omega 3 and Omega 6. Mamadaki Omega 3 and Omega 6 contributions, kedilerinizin immune system strenghening and disease defense force, which would support. Its useful vitamins, minerals and protein additives kedilerinizin squishy bright plumage have in having a significant role. Petshop and garden located in mamanın area in the category of grains, shape and size perspective kedilerinizin feed help. This small and easily digestible grains, kedilerinizin helps feed the without difficulty and comfortable. The nutrient Content: Crude Protein: 27 Crude Oil: 10 Crude Fiber: 2.5 Crude Ash: 8 humidity: 10 Copper Sulphate: 17 mg/kg Phosphorus: 1.0 Calcium: 1.5 Vit.A: 15.000 IU Vit.C: 120 mg/kg for Vit.D: 1.000 IU Vit.E: 150 mg/kg for ME: 3.300 kcal/kg Product Specifications Grain: Grain Production Place: Domestic Age: Adult Size: all Races Package Size: Large (11-15Kg) Aroma: Chicken Grade: economic Package Content: 1 PCs Chicken Adult Cat Food 15Kg

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