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Windproof Dog Coat


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Product Description:
Material: Polyester
Size Neck Bust Back
XS 19cm/7.48" 30cm/11.81" 20cm/7.87"
S 22cm/8.66" 36cm/14.17" 26cm/10.24"
M 29cm/11.42" 46cm/18.11" 32cm/12.6"
L 32cm/12.6" 50cm/19.69" 34cm/13.39"
XL 38cm/14.96" 55cm/21.65" 40cm/15.72"

Product Feature:
1, fabric is non-sticky, soft and comfortable to the touch, warm, good breathability, light and comfortable to wear, filled with high-quality silk wool fluffy warmth, no deformation, no fleece, good resilience,
2, the clothes are not scratchy, easy to breathe, easy to clean and do not hurt the dog, easy to wear and take off is simple and convenient and smooth
3, the outer layer of polyester waterproof fabric, excellence in details, rainy days are not afraid, the outer layer of rainproof and windproof practical, winter pets are not afraid of cold
4, the back comes with its own traction design, travel is more convenient, you can directly buckle the traction rope for traction, go out to stay pet safer

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Navy blue, black


XS, S, M, L, XL

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United States


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